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Personal information protection policy

Fujita Iron Works Co., Ltd. (hereafter, "We") recognize the importance of the personal information protection in order to do our service continuously and expansively. Therefore, we protect personal information with fair and scrupulous attention in order to meet our customers' expectations. Herein we set our information protection policy and let all of our executives and employees know the policy and do our best to keep personal information safe. We declare our personal information protection policy as follows:

1Collection and the use of the personal information

We collect and use the personal information properly in view of our contents and scale of the business.
Collection of the personal information shall be carried out within the scope of clearly defined purpose and aim.
Also, the use and offer of the personal information shall be done upon receipt of the agreement from the person who provided us with his/her personal information. We do not use or offer the personal information for other than our defined purpose and aim. When we want to use or offer the personal information for other than our defined purpose and aim, we must receive the agreement from the person who provided us with his/her personal information.

2Management and protection of the personal information

We manage and protect the personal information strictly and we shall not expose the personal information to the their party except for we have an agreement with the person who provided us with his/her personal information. In order to cope with the risks of illegal access, loss, destruction, manipulation, and leak, we take measures to prevent and correct such risks.

3Governing law / regulation

We comply with the persona information protection law and JISQ15001:1999 (requirements for the compliance program related to the personal information protection). Regarding the personal information protection, we observe the law set for the by the country and other regulations. Also, we observe the items in our own compliance program.

4Continuous improvement on the personal information protection management and system.

With regard to the personal information protection policy, we will educate all of our executives and regular employees, temporary employees, contracted employees and part-time employees our personal information protection policy. We promise that we keep and improve the abovementioned activities and personal information protection efforts in view of the change of management environment, results of regular company audit, change of law and guide-line, hearing from our employees and opinion from our customers.

5Adequate management of the personal information

In order to protect the personal information which provided by our customers, we educate our employees of security, locking management, access control to the server and so on.

  • For this site, we do secure communication processing by the 2048bit-SSL coding for recruit page and inquiry page in order to protect the personal information. During the SSL communication, web server and your browser is protected from wiretapping, manipulation, and pretenders by the highest-level coding.

(2)About Cookie

Some pages in our site use cookie and access log for the following purposes.

  1. To investigate the use of this site in the situation that an individual cannot be identified.
  2. To find and solve problems in the web server.
  3. To improve the contents of the homepage and e-mails for our customers.
  4. To customize the contents of homepage in order to meet and individual users' needs.

"Cookie" means data transmitted from our server to a hard desk of the users' computer which includes the users' personal information. This is an interactive system in order to identify the user.

When the user access this site, selected information will be kept in the "Cookie" and the user will be identified by it from the next time on.

  • If the user permit "Cookie" in his/her setting of the browser, we can transmit the "Cookie" to his/her browser. However, in order to protect privacy, the user can limit transmission and reception of the "Cookie".
  • If the user invalidate the transmission and reception function, please be informed beforehand that some service may not be used. Also, please set and manage the "Cookies" at the user's responsibility.

(3)About Log file

We use IP address of the users of this site for management and analysis of the use situation of this site. IP address will not be linked with the personally identifiable information.

6About change of the personal information (correction / deletion)

If you wish us to correct or delete the personal information gathered through the form in this site, please tell us through our person in charge or the inquiry access below.

7About link destination

Please note that the private information policy for the information gathered through this website is only applied to Please note that we cannot bear the responsibility to the personal information protection for the link destinations. Please read the privacy policy statement of the link destinations when you access them.

8About change of the private information policy

When we change its private information policy, we will notify the change on this site. You can always check the latest information of what type of information is gathered and used in this site.

This privacy protection policy is created on April 1st, 2019.