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From 20cc brush cutters to 600cc & 800cc snowmobiles,
our crankshaft assemblies are used in chainsaws, motorcycles and outboard engines too.

No. Applications
1 Motorcycles
2 Snowmobile
3 Small helicopter
4 Chainsaw
5 Brush cutter
6 Utility engine


Our one piece crankshafs are mainly used in outboard engines.
We also manufacture one piece crankshaft for compressors and electric generators.

No. Applications
7 Outboard engine (two-sylinder type)
8 Outboard engine (single clyinder type)
9 Cogeneration

Connecting-rod Ass'y

From 250cc to 1700cc, our split type connecting-rods are used in motorcycles, outboard engines, snowmobiles, and jet ski bikes.

No. Applications
10 Motorcycle
11 Automobile (tune-up parts)
12 Snowmobile
13 Outboard engine

Connecting rod

From 20cc brush cutters, our connecting rods are used in chainsaws, scooters, motorcycles, snowmobiles, buggy cars, outboard engines, jet ski bikes, and racing engines.

No. Applications
14 Outboard engine
15 Motorcycle
16 Motorcycle
17 Utility engine
18 Brush cutter
19 Blower
20 Outboard engine


We can manufacture not only crankshaft and connecting rod, but also vareity of other type of items.

No. Application
21 Shaft (compressor)
22 Shift folk
23 Crank pin (brush cutter)
24 Crank pin (motorcycle)