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SystemPresident Message

We are fully involved in the entire process, from buying steel material to forging, machining, heat treatment, grinding, and assembly in our factories.

01, Steel material

We keep 1 month's worth of various steel stock, such as structural carbon steel, S45C SCM415, Dcr, SNCM220H, and other standard materials.

02, Forging

We make our forgings by ourselves, using forging presses, air stamp hammers, and kunckle joint presses.

Forging:Connecting rod


03, Heat treatments

We can meet various requirements of customer's parts related to heat treatment, such as annealing, normalizing, quenchig and tempering.

04, Shot blasting

We have 4 shot blast machines and a shot peening machine. By using those machines we can remove scales on surface of parts after heat treatment.

05, Coining

In order to machining process easier, we do coining process which corrects dimensional deviation and distortion.

06, Cutting

We have more than 350 specialty machines, including transfer machines, NC lathes, machining centers, gear hobbing machines, milling machines, and rolling machines to give our product perfect finish before heat treatment.

07, Heat treatment (Carburizing)

We have 5 Lindberg pacemaker gas carburizing furnace, cleansing machine, tempering furnace, induction hardening equipment and we will assure the quality with our high level of technology.

08, Polishing

In order to make high quality products for our customers, we can arrange and combine 360 machines, such as chlindrical grinding machines, (NC, angular, pin), inner grinding machines, end-face grinding machines, plain surface grinders, horning machines, and super finishing machines.

09, Inspection

For each and every part we make, main process measurement records are documented for traceability, and of course precision testing is performed in accordance to our operational standard.

10, Assembly

The sub-assembling process allows us to ensure the precision of our crankshafts and connecting rod.

Assembly:Connecting rod

11, Inspection

We established our inspection system to make sure we have quality products by using various inspection equipments, including 3D measurement machines, surface roughness measurement machines, roundness measurement machines, roundness measurement machines, shape measurement machines, all purpose microscopes, and hardness testers.

12, Shipping

We use enfironmentally friendly clean and recycable packing materials for shipping to our customers.