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QualityPresident Message

100 years of Experience and Know-how

We take pride in suppling high quality products to our custmors, In each step of our manufacturing process, from forging, heat treatment (normalizing, tempering, etc), machining, grinding and assembling, we stick to our motto "Never send out defective parts to the next step". We make sure of the best quality at each and every manufacturing process.

Our quality is assured by our quality assurance department and technical production department that works hard day and night based on our 100 years of experience.

ISO 9001 Q1075

Fundamental Principle

We strive for QCDS improvement and business expansion through enhancement of our competitive edge.
We strive for employee's satisfaction through customer's satisfaction and we grow together with our local community.

Quality policy

  1. Our goal is to satisfy our cutomers' needs and expectations.
  2. We will use our quality management system effectively and will improve the system continously.
  3. We will educate all of our employees and will make sure entire organization understand the policy.

Enviromental policy

On the basis of our fundamental principle, we set forth the following environmental policy:

  1. To be a company which can contribution to our soceity, we give sufficient consideration to enviromentaly friendly manufacturing.
  2. We abide by all laws and requlations in order to be an environmentaly friendly company with originality and ingenuity.
  3. Through our business activities, we will continuouly improve reduction of waste and energy consumption.
  4. We all give sufficient consideration to safty and environmental protection to be a responsible member of our soceity.