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100 years history of Fujita Iron Works CO.,LTD.

1914 Private company established for the production and marketing of tea processing equipment and machine tools.
1941 Began production of aircraft parts as a subcontractor of Nippon Gakki CO.,LTD.
1945 Began production of locomotive parts for the Nagoya Railway Bureau, Ministry of Transport.
1949 Began production of motorcycle parts for major manufacturers and established the basis of integrated production from forgin, machining, heat treatment, grinding to assembly for crankshaft, connecting-rod and other parts.
1951 Incorporated as Fujita Iron Works CO.,LTD. Expanded operations to meet growing demand for motorcycle parts.
1960 Established Daiwa Forging CO.,LTD. as a subsidiary.
1964 Separated the metal mold division to establish Fuji Metal Mold CO.,LTD.
1970 Separtated certain facilities as the South Factory to expand production capacity.
1971 Opened the Fujita Senior Vocational Traning Institute (2-year forging engineering course), accredited by the Governor of Shizuoka prefecture, as a corporate techinical traning facility.
1977 Awarded a Letter of Commendation from the Minister of Labor for promotion of the Physically Handicapped Employment Program.
1978 Established Seiwa Heat Treatment CO.,LTD. as a subsidiary.
1981 Participated in the 1st convention of reporting small group activities by small and midium sized enterprises in Shizuoka prefecture and won the Governor's Award, the highest award.
1986 Started development of and manufacturing by original manufacturing machines and automatic Robot loaders for crankshaft and connecting-rod in the company.
1991 Established Fujita Corporation as a subsidiary.
Installed 10 Automatic triaxial horning machines in 7-8 years.
1993 Awarded a Letter of Commendation from Commissioner of Social Insurance Agency for its contributions to promotion and development of social insurance system.
1995 Manufactured a crankshaft sub-asssmbly machine named "Kumiko" for small engines.
1997 Began manufacturing of split-type connecting rod.
1998 Began technical guidance to India.
Added a manufacturing factory (Middle factory) within the South factory.
2000 Awarded Letter of Commendation for excellence in compliance with tax declaration requirements.
2002 Established PT.FUJITA INDONESIA in Indonesia.
Absorbed Seiwa Heat Treatment CO.,LTD. into Fujita Iron Works CO.,LTD and renamed the facilities "West factory".
2004 Fujita Iron Works CO.,LTD. acquired ISO 14001 approval.
2005 Fujita Iron Works CO.,LTD aquired ISO 9001 approval.
Added a manufacturing factory (5th factory) in the South factory.
Began training of Indonesian trainees.
Carried out 100th QC-circle presentations.
2010 Established FUJITA VIETNAM CO., LTD in Vietnam.
2013 Completed the primal office in the Sounth factory.
2014 Celebrated 100th years anniversary.